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Noah Litle


I’ve been playing piano for thirteen years now. I do my own arrangements too. I like to do hymns. They’re so open to harmonic interpretation. The Piano Guys are great. We have almost all their CDs and music books.

My favorite soundtrack changes every so often. My current favorite is probably Man of Steel, by Hans Zimmer. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, by Theodore Shapiro is really good too. And Sabrina, by John Williams. And Sherlock Holmes, by Hans Zimmer…

I’ll stop before I get too carried away. 🙂 My favorite John Powell score would have to be Kung-Fu Panda 2, with Hans Zimmer. Shen’s theme (showing up inumerable times in Anchient China/the Story of Shen) is amazing. Maybe my favorite villain theme.

I like to read fantasy and speculative fiction. 🙂 Big surprise, right?
Ted Dekker is one of my favorites. And more recently, Brandon Sanderson. They’re both amazing storytellers. But my favorite storyteller is Christopher Nolan, the co-writer/writer/director of Inception, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. That’s probably one of the reasons I like Hans Zimmer so much 🙂


Ya’ll should check out Patrik Pietschmann on Youtube. He has my favorite piano solo soundtrack arrangements. His Planet Earth 2 cover is amazing.

p.s. I only know a little.

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