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@the-inkspiller I’m glad to know that the people in your church are open and honest about struggles! I feel like often the downfall of Christian movies and stories and art is when they portray Christians as having perfect lives and non-believers to have the terrible, struggle-filled, sinful lives. The truth is that everyone is broken. Everyone has struggles. Even Christians. I just wish more people would be open about them. Powerful stories to me are honest. Honest about the dark and thus honest about the light; Those that say: “Hey, life is hard. We all sin and struggle but there is hope still and life can be beautiful if we strive to overcome the darkness as much as we can and cling to the things out side this world: God and His love.” Like @josiah said, as an artist you show the darkness, not because we like to dwell and reveal in it, not at all! As the cliched example is: the stars are brighter in the night.

Glad I was of some help. (And I didn’t think you forgot me or felt left out or whatever! I actually do that sometimes – and even worse with people I meet in person. 😛 So, it doesn’t matter.)

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