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E.B. Raulands

Yes, the “flying Leia” scene should’ve been left out of the film entirely. I didn’t hate The Last Jedi, but I do think it could’ve told the story better and with less time. The character development in the new trilogy also seems very subtle, maybe too subtle. (If you ever want to see critiques on VIII, you should read the 1-star reviews on Amazon. While some are just rants and curses against the film, several make excellent points about the plot/character holes.)
I always thought the prequels were pretty good and consistent with the style of the originals (though I also think II and III used too much CGI). My favorite character is definitely Han Solo, but I also like R2, C-3PO (in the original trilogy), Jar-Jar Binks, Finn, BB-8, and K2. I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars t.v. series, but I think I’ve heard of Rebels before. It’s supposed to take place between Episodes III and IV, right?

(Oh, and I know exactly what you mean about analyzing films; my family does it all the time! =D)


Oh no, please feel free to jump in whenever you’d like! =)
Actually, the help you mentioned is exactly why I avoided writing drafts on the computer for so long. I’d get so consumed with making something sound better that I’d end up bogging myself down and impeding my progress. The story definitely flows much more easily and creatively when “perfection” is left to revisions!
Do you have any suggestions for coming up with story ideas?


We’re kindred spirits kindled on Story Embers! =) (Is that too much wordplaying?)
Identifying problems is probably half (or at least a quarter) of the battle for a writer, and I suspect we’re in the right place to find answers for those problems. Maybe we can help each other when we feel a creative dearth too!

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