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The Fledgling Artist

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE for all the world building tips! World building is really hard for me esp coming up with names so this gives me some stuff to chew on. 😀

Ah you guys are right I should have given more information! Here is what I know. They live in the mountains and make little snow burrows. Families stick together so if you find one, there is sure to be a couple more nearby. They make chirping sounds that are close to a bird’s but more rodent sounding. (If that makes sense??) They are omnivores, and will eat almost anything but their favorite thing to eat is smaller critters. The females are a much lighter purple then the males. People in suitable locations (can’t be too hot) probably domesticate them. Umm, what else.. Oh yeah they are a little bigger then the average cat but smaller then your average dog (If there is such a thing)

BTW Keramidian sounds really cool @inkspiller!

Thanks @andrew ! Those are cute names and I shall add them to my list! It would be adorable if they liked to dance, and they absolutely love to roll in the snow! 🙂

Thanks! They are really fun to draw. I love the names icesqueaker and purple pishma! Wowie I hadn’t really thought much about their tendencies. I assume you’re talking about their behavior.
I don’t think that they would sleep very much and when they do, during the day. Are quite playful (though not hyper) and they probably love to cuddle with each other. That’s all I got. Do you have any ideas?

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