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@lillian-parks03 I agree with Christi as well, try drawing and comparing your art to real life references and in time you’ll be able to see when there’s any wrong proportions.
The fifth drawing is great, but besides that one it seems there is a pattern of the eyes and lips being too large, mainly.
I can tell you are sensitive to values in your pictures, and that’s real good! *claps!*
Another thing that might help is, remember in real life, skin isn’t the brightest hue(light reflecting is).
This isn’t a big deal, but can make drawings feel a little odd when certain features are¬†very dark while everything else on the face is the brightest white(even for pale folk like myself).
So when you darken things like the lips, eyebrows, etc, maybe try adding a little bit of shading to the skin as well

Sketching with no reference is like hiking without a map!

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