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@millennium-m Welcome! I am Catwing the catwing, but I’m part cheshire. You have a pet dragon that’s cool. I have a pet cat named Shadow(That sounds slightly creepy so, maybe I should say cat who I adopted after his mother died after she collapsed on my family’s porch? uuummmm… just cat?). He’s my little shadow. ^.^
I like horse back riding too!
Oooh… comic! Do you want to share pictures I can tell you how if you want.

You may have to click ‘Text’ instead of the default ‘Visual’ to type in HTML.
I can tell you are using ‘Visual’ because of the extra space it forcibly puts between everyone’s paragraphs.
I picked up a few tricks when I was on Kingdom Pen before I joined here too.
See it not work on me. ;3 (And no I don’t write HTML or code things, sorry if you got excited or anything)

I think what she meant was if you had risen to status of friend to Millennium so that you would be a mutual friend. See…

I also have mutual friends with you! @dekreel and @wordsmith… well if he has risen to that status yet. 😉

correct me if I’m wrong.

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