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@taaka-merespinner Greetings! I am Catwing the catwing! But I am part cheshire… Which is fun.
You enjoy playing with your cats? Sounds like we should get along just fine. *grins* I only have one cat… But he’s my little shadow.
Your book sounds interesting. I’m working on editing my fantasy/sci-fi book for a trilogy, it’s called Finding Secrets. I’m trying to make it an allegory or at least partly. 😉 It’s a bit hard… I’m learning to let go of scenes that I was trying to keep that need to be trashed because they do not really contribute.

you like Story Thieves! I didn’t know that! I love that series! *tries to remain calm*(I haven’t read book five yet because it is at a different library branch and I have to wait until after they’ve had it six months… Yes, I considered buying it, but money and then I would only have the last one. Also I only have to wait a little longer. *eye twitch*)
Pick the Plot was great, but I was surprised he didn’t call it Choose your Owen Adventure. *shrug* *keeps quiet in case she read a book you haven’t* …

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