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@e-b-raulands My process sounds a lot like yours, especially starting off with one phrase or picture and then in the end toiling and “growling” over meter than are off by just a tiny bit. I find that the creative side of my brain is very hard to control – I have trouble just turning it on when I want it… especially when I want it, which has ups and definitely downs. I find that if I stress out about wanting to write a poem or story when my idea bank is empty and when I try to force creativity, I rarely get anything down, or at least anything good. Most of my “plot bunnies” as some people call them, and light bulbs come when I’m trying to fall asleep after a long day or in the middle of working through my Math lessons. Usually that is after a couple exhausting weeks of antagonizing over a lack of creativity and ideas though. Just out of the blue – an idea. Do you have this problem?

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