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E.B. Raulands

Thank-you for the link! I’ve seen Sanderson’s name come up on the site a couple of times but had no idea who he was. =) I think I’m really going to enjoy watching these!
(BTW, I think addressing emotional extremes is a great theme!)


Oh, those poems are so well-written! I really like the playful tone Dickinson has in “I’m a Nobody.”

Poems have become really spontaneous for me; usually, they start with a poignant/pleasant phrase that either pops into my head or springs from a thought I’m toying with at the moment. If I’m drawn to this phrase, I’ll try to create a line to follow it. As lines start coming, a vague idea of what the structure will be also begins to surface. At that point, I’ll either keep the structure in the back of my mind and write lines as they come or write the lines I have into the structure while leaving spaces for¬†uncreated lines. After writing the draft, the last step (of course) is tweaking words, repairing rhymes, and growling over meters that are off by half a foot. (I’m not sure if this is how I always write poetry, but I have noticed this pattern with recent poems.)
What process do you use to create poems?

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