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@salome01w4g (I sincerely hope I got that right)

I have the problem of editing sentences as I write them. Like, it has to be written perfectly, and I’ll phrase it several different ways before I’m satisfied. My little sister actually told me about this tic I have where I write a word, delete it, and write it again as I think about what I want to do next. (Did it about five or six times in that last sentence. It must look horrible to watch me type.)

Anyways, something more abstract, but has worked for me, is to try to tap into that creative vein every time you write. It means that you know where you’re going, there’s emotion behind it, and you’re driving yourself to get to the climax or the point of the scene. It’s kind of the I-need-to-finish-this attitude we have with books, but only when you’re writing, because you get so much into the story that your character just HAS to get to the next thing, HAS to make that discovery, before you can stop…

Practically, this has to be done in moderation so as not to exhaust yourself, but it’s that passion for driving ahead that helps me not go back, and the sentences can always be edited later.

I hope that was clear enough — let me know if I need to clarify anything. Best of luck with your WIP! 🙂


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