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Andrew Schmidt

    @salome01w4g, I like writing fantasy-adventure stories. I used to write more sci-fi stories, alien-filled and crazy, but I’ve noticed I’ve been more writing fantasy recently.

    My WIP right now is in a make-belief world where there are many things to explore.  Though I tried to keep the plants and animal realer unlike this other story I’m writing where I’m planning on making them up. There are many stars in the sky too, where many other beings lurk!

    In this story, Peirce the MC, is a wild nineteen-year-old who has been in her oak forest ever since the age of nine (but still has some knowledge of how humans act.) She talks to her cardinals, and she has this special power connected to the opal hidden in the oak. She may sometimes travel to town for a new dress or something, but rarely does.

    And then I also have multiple other characters: a crazy librarian, a somewhat shy albino artist, a servant that always appears at Peirce’s doors to help, the strict villain that if he even spots a scratch on his floor will erupt like a volcano in anger, Peirce’s strange guard who makes sure she always stays in place, the ‘old wise man’ who likes eating strawberry jam, and more!

    "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

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