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Buddy J.


Welcome! The other Emberians call me Wordsmith, and you being an Emberian means you get to as well. 🙂

Writing is such an amazing journey. I did NaNoWriMo in 2016, where I came out the other side with a best selling novel… Just kidding… It needs a lot of work… Like a ton… more than I want to deal with at the moment… But some day maybe!

I have my own blog as well where I write short stories and maybe even a poem here and there. ( Feel free to take a look, and even subscribe!

My favorite books happen to be those which fall into the fantasy or science fiction genres. Some are kinda a mix of both, but to mark off the top three I would say LOTR, 100 Cupboards, and Enders Game. There are many others, but that would take to long (I’m sure you can relate).

I write in one of three genres (so far)… science fiction/superhero, fantasy, or a technologicallyadvancedmodern-ishthat’snotquitesci-fi.

And may I say that you don’t need to have written a book to be an accomplished writer? Having written a book is something that gives great experience, but not having written a book does not take away.

It’s a great pleasure to meet you, and may God bless your writing (as well as life).

-Wordsmith- Author of short stories, Reader of many books, Student in writing, and Lumenite!

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