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@wonderland7 Totally. ;3
Disappearing is definitely a fun art. Yes, us felines are really cool. We be kitty cat friendlys!
Potato-squash is actually a fruit that tastes like a blueberry/apple/grape juicy ball of yum. It’s from Allore, which is in my book. 😉 (Bugs are delicious only to me when I’m Catwing because cats eat bugs. I don’t eat them in real life ;3)
(Yep. Thanks, I drew everything else except the wings… But it could be from the Grand Grinning Clowder Council Ceremony when I joined the Sapphire Guard so I could embellish the outfit more for that [In my book. Yes, I’m in my own book. It is so fun!])

When your wings are weak and you feel like you can't fly any farther you're halfway there!

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