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@thewirelessblade hmmmm… How do I create my characters?… *nervous laughter* I think I generally think up a person to fit the story idea I have, but if you want to just create a character… *bloop ‘person’* Okay what do they look like? Do this next so you can visualize them. Let’s say black hair, brown eyes, guy. What do you like?
Character: Computers.
Okay why?
C: I play games.
C: My life is a mess.
Perfect! I mean, I’m so sorry what’s wrong?
C: My cat died…

C: He was the last thing my sister gave me before…
Before what? *silent manical laughter*
C: She changed…
C: She’s a criminal. A hacker.
I know who your sister should be! Alice. You poor kid…
C: I’m her older brother. I’m in my twenties.
You poor character then… you’re life is so hard already. But it’s nice to know that Alice does have a heart after all.
C: She still wants to kill you.
Yeah you’re probably right…

Where was I? Sorry I got distracted… Maybe that can help you though, if not I’ll figure something else out. 😉

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