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    @catwing Hi! I guess I can say that I am a Wonderlandian. ^^ I guess I’m also one of the rare Chesire Cats, too. I can certainly disappear in a crowd quickly enough. And, yay, another cat in the forums! I’m not the only one!! *starts cartwheeling around and grinning wildly* ;P

    *calms down after seeing catwing holding out the bugs and squash* Oh, ummm, thanks for the bugs and squash? *hesitantly takes said bugs and squash* *smiles awkwardly* *tries eating them* *nearly gags* They’re -errr- delicious! XD XP

    (I totally understand the tough decisions of deciding what you should wear. I love designing outfits, and it is so hard at times! The wing armor would certainly look cool. But that’s just my opinion. Whatever you end up deciding to do will look amazing!)

    "If life were short, where would all the adventures be?"
    - anonymous

    "We're all mad here."

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