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    You know when you’re a writer when:

    You get separation anxiety form being away from your story for too long.

    You try looking up something historical on the internet so that you know what it looks like to put it into your story, and then, after not finding anything you need, decide to look up a particular Disney movie because it has the thing you need for your story. (That actually happened to me yesterday! XD)

    Or, finally, when how you normally speak sounds like a foreign language to other people because of all the new words you’re finding places.

    Haha! Yes; I have a tendency to look up movies before I see them so that I know their plots, or so that I’ll know what’s supposed to happen in it, and I won’t get lost when I actually watch the movie. It annoys my brothers every time! XD

    I know what you mean. Often I’ve wondered what it would be like to simply fall into a book and never return to the real world….

    "If life were short, where would all the adventures be?"
    - anonymous

    "We're all mad here."

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