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Abbey Bishop


    You can upload anything you want to Wattpad. Poetry, short stories, novels, and some people also have portfolios of their art, etc. You probably haven’t heard of it because it’s mainly known for cliche teen fiction and poorly written fan fictions. Although it is a smaller population in comparison, there are still millions of users worldwide who write outside of those genres.

    I greatly appreciate archaic words and phrases. They truly are the cat’s pajamas.

    My book follows Merrick, a 64 year old man who hasn’t seen another human being since he was seven. He lives on the planet Dijetka with the Tjantes, a colorful race that discourages emotions. Merrick starts a revolution with storytelling as his greatest weapon.

    I also have a very intricate love triangle planned out that I’m completely obsessed with. It later causes Merrick to become depressed. Because I’d like to paint a picture of how emotion is very powerful, but can also be destructive.

    I know that you mainly write poetry (something I wish I could relate to, but sadly cannot), but what book genre do you find yourself drawn towards?

    ~a member of the great Meraki guild~

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