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First of all, sorry for taking a long time to get back. I was out of town. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Shel Silverstein before (could you tell me a little more about this poet?), but I do know Emily Dickinson; have you ever read Dickinson’s “The Bustle in a House” or “To Make a Prairie”?

Shel Silverstein is a kid’s picture book writer and poet. (Also play-writer I think, though I’ve not read any of them.) His book The Giving Tree is one of my favorite children’s picture books and so if you want a really sad but very sweet  story about life check it out. 🙂 His poetic styles are very unique and silly and you can find one of his collections at a library probably if you’re curious.

I’ve not read either of those Dickinson’s poems. Are those your favorite poems of hers?

What is your favorite subject to write poetry on?

I would say I have three different sort of genres and subjects to my poems. On one side my poetry reflects things I am going through and I find poetry to be a good way to just get my thoughts down and express my troubles and hopes. I also enjoy to write poems that are more silly and fun, making fun of little sibling’s fights or writer’s block, and then sometimes I like use a more fantastical feel and write in a more sonnet style about trolls, elves, or other sorts of creatures.

What about you? What do you like to write poetry about?

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