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@lillian-parks03 Hello (Yes, I’m new here and I will make a intro topic soon, but first)

Your drawings are really good! I shall try and critique them, so don’t take it too hard though. 😉

First picture- I’m not sure, but the mouth may be too high or the face too small… ? Maybe the body doesn’t come forward enough or the neck is too long (head is too high)?
Second picture- The hand is too big or the face is too small. I think… The shoulder should have been wider.
Third picture- It looks okay actually… Oh, wait. Her left eyebrow comes over too or is too big. Maybe the nose is a bit off?
Fourth picture- I don’t know, maybe the neck/shoulders? Or the chin could be a bit square (you could want it that though, but otherwise it could be the thing bugging you.
Fifth Picture- The ear is tilted back? The neck may be coming too much forward?

I still think your art is really good. :3 Hopefully that helped you (and stopped you from going crazy trying to figure out what you did wrong. ;P)

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