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Daeus Lamb

@karthmin I agree with Kate, this is good stuff.

One revelation it gave me was that my story idea was starting to develop into grim fantasy, though definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum. I suppose that’s okay though. At the same time, if I really do want epic fantasy, I’ll need to watch myself.

Btw (tagging @kate too), I thought about Till We Have Faces, and from what I can remember, almost all of the symbolism there was in the visions, which are hard to replicate consistently in a massive series. I think besides that, the only two symbols (which did a ton of heavy lifting for the theme) were the one line “how can they meet us face to face till we have faces?” and the other line, “Now you are Psyche”. Is this analysis on target?

You also made me realize that I wrote a symbolic, nonallegorical work pointing to the gospel without even knowing it. It’s the story of a character from a novel told through his diary entries.

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