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Abbey Bishop


    Brandon and I are so honored to have inspired your profile picture. To answer your question, I write a little bit of everything, but I favor fantasy above all others. Although, I like to say that I also write science fiction, because the one book I actually feel passionate about writing belongs to that genre.

    I couldn’t help, but to read all the other comments on this thread and I saw that you have trouble finishing stories. I have the exact same problem. It’s not even funny how many writing projects I started and gave up on after writing the first few pages. I find that my excitement dies out incredibly fast.

    My current WIP, Dijetka, is faring far better. I’m currently writing my fourth chapter!  And there’s a good reason for it.  Half a year ago, I started uploading my chapters to Wattpad as I write them. (I write at an incredibly slow pace.) Despite having to wait anywhere between 1-3 months for another chapter, I have acquired a good five readers who adore my book. It’s really encouraging to have them because now I feel obligated to continue writing the book. (If I were to start uploading consistently, I could probably have many more readers.)

    Some Wattpad  users also upload books called “graphic shops”. You can actually request book covers from them! To “pay” for the covers, you usually only have to give credit to the user who makes it. About a week ago, I received a cover and I haven’t stopped smiling since. Seeing a professional looking cover for your book makes writing it seem much more possible.

    Wattpad can make you feel like an actual author and it is wonderful for your moral. I’m not sure if it’s something you’re interested in doing, but if it is, I’d be glad to be your first reader! (I also know of a few tips to help you acquire readers.)

    ~a member of the great Meraki guild~

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