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Andrew Schmidt

    @lillian-parks03, I don’t know much about making book covers, so I can’t really help. But the ones you have up look good.

    With characters, I tried my best to make a clear description of my characters… but good job with the description of yours! 🙂

    In making my characters, I had always told what outfit they were wearing (though I didn’t always have something particular they wore depending on the character because… because I’m just me), but with facial descriptions, I try to shove the skin color description in there too like you did, and definitely the eye color (though I hadn’t always thought of the eye shape that much) but I had always tried to at least give them a particular face shape, and also say if they’re slender, small, short, tall, broad, etc. Of course!

    But your stories sound interesting… interesting at the characters themselves!

    And happy Writing Day!

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