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Andrew Schmidt

    @jenwriter17, this probably has nothing to do with what this topic is about, but when I tried to go to that one topic of your new website (not the website, just the topic where’d you probably have the conversations about it) it said the page could not be found and I have no clue about lots of computer stuff, so that’s why I just decided to talk about it on this topic. *hopes no one is confused and that you don’t freak out* But I did visit the website at the least (even though I don’t know much about blogs, because I never really visited one and never had one).

    Though I don’t know if I what I said about the ‘topic thing’ is the same with everyone. It could just be a glitch or something… 🙁 but I don’t know much about computer stuff. Just saying so you know.

    But your new website looks great! 🙂

    Oh, and you’re an INFJ? The rarest personality! I still don’t know exactly sure what personality I am (I took the test multiple times and got different answers, but that’s just probably because I first didn’t really understand what they were asking, but at the very last time I did it I got ISFP). And the more I studied about them, the chances are pretty good I’m an ISFP.

    I’m trying to wright this INFJ character, and to make it more realistic, I studied more about them. Of course.

    Oh, and you wrote some novels too? Cool! The story I’m writing right now will probably just be a longer novella, and will probably passing 100 pages. Though if I make it really long, it may turn out to be a novel. Though that probably won’t. 🙂

    Happy Writing Day!

    "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

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