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E.B. Raulands

Thank-you so much! (I had never heard of N.D. Wilson before, so I wasn’t sure if I could get the book from Gutenberg Press or not.) Oh, I haven’t asked you yet, but I was wondering what genres you write in?


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Shel Silverstein before (could you tell me a little more about this poet?), but I do know Emily Dickinson; have you ever read Dickinson’s “The Bustle in a House” or “To Make a Prairie”?

I really love both sonnet forms. The set rhyme schemes, the highly-structured nature of the form, and their conciseness really appeal to me. (The stanzas in the poem I posted were inspired by the Italian sonnet structure.) What is your favorite subject to write poetry on?


Hello Abbey! I’m glad to meet you! (Believe it or not, your profile photo was what inspired me to use a stuffed animal for mine!)
When I was deciding which animal to use, I knew I wanted to use a Beanie Boos for my picture. I almost used Mungo, my rather disgruntled-looking cat; however, Peanut’s picture looked so endearing that I decided to use him instead. I like your triceratops, by the way!
Thank-you for your support. I think the most discouraging thing for me about writing is thinking about all the writers there are in the world and wondering if I could ever write well enough to compete. Ultimately, though, if God wants me to write, I have nothing to worry about except the next step, which is an encouraging thought. What genres do you like to write in?


Thank-you for welcoming me! I’m so glad there are other people who love grammar too! What do you like to write?

To the glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.

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