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@Daeus-lamb oooh, yes! Great thoughts. I’ve thought about this a lot actually, but you summed it up quite nicely. There’s also Paranormal/Dark, but I think that’s one none of us would really care to know more about. 😛

Another way to break it up might be to stipulate that each category has a different purpose/focus.

Mythic fantasy could easily be called a deeper look into mankind’s history of telling stories, and a study in why we tell the stories we do. An exploration of our ‘real fantasy’, so to speak, and what it says about us.

Fairytale (following in the grand tradition of the Chronicles of Narnia) would be to take the underlying truths that prop our world up and deliberately put them in a whimsical, fantastic setting to make them clearer and easier to understand.

Alternate Reality (my favorite to write) is similar to Fairytale, but instead of being bent on clarifying the complexities of our reality, it’s more focused on exploring them deeper and is probably for an older, more intellectually mature audience.

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