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Daeus Lamb

Hey, btw, what do you think about classifying fantasy types.

I think there’s Mythic fantasy, Fairy tale fantasy, and Alternate reality fantasy.

Mythic borrows from classic myths — it’s exalted with unrealistic but subtly poetic objects, obstacles, and characters. Think LOTR.

Fairy tale is generally more whimsical and is often seen in children’s fiction. The chronicles of Narnia would be of the fairy tale type.

Alternate reality may contain fantastic elements, but the tone tells you the world is meant to be taken seriously and logically. Laws of nature, whether they be the same as ours or not, matter more and the story worlds may feel a little more familiar, even if they’re different. Brandon Sanderson’s worlds would be a good example.

If you can think of any other categories, that would be great.

The reason I came up with these categories is because I think they mark “strongholds” within the genre. Sure, technically you can do anything you want in fantasy, but just like each genre has strengths that are meant to be taken advantage of, I think these categories also have strengths that if writers consciously take note of will lead to better stories.



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