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Buddy J.


Have you ever read N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards? N.D. Wilson has a fabulous way of using description in his stories. So I recommend looking at him, but now I tell you what I do.

When writing, very little do I state things about an object, I like to specify what that object is doing. I want the reader not only to see what is going on, but to hear, smell, feel, ect… And not only do I mix my description with all the other senses (as much as I think about it), I also mix it with action. Something is happening to the object that draws out a certain attribute. So a very simple example is this… “Leaves rustled in the wind…” This is one of the most basic examples (because some of the more complex examples also involve how this object rustling and pulling out and attribute effects a character.) but it gives you an idea.


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