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@bigideaskc Thanks that was helpful!

“Tips or suggestions? Well, first of all, why are you asking? Without asking for any personal information, what type of book (genre) are you writing, or what is it about?”

My story, Paper Adventures, is a middle school chapter book about some twins whose drawings come alive. They have to keep them out of trouble and try to figure out how to send them back but they have no idea how.

Here is the summary I wrote the other day: 🙂

“Allen and Allie Moore’s rainy Saturday afternoon suddenly turns upside down when their drawings crawl right out of their pages. Things burn, tear, break, and tangle as the curious Bob family explore the strange human world for a couple days. Then the problem only grows when the twins are pulled with the drawings back into their paper world and are submerged into a completely new culture where everyone is at the moment trying to answer the same question: What is going on?”

And you talked about finding your publisher, how long did that take and how to you go about doing that?


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