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Martin Detwiler

@kate Crazy, right?! I’ll pass along your greetings next time I see them. 😀

I was pretty active on Holy Worlds in the winter of 2014/15, right after I graduated from Detwiler Christian Academy (ie homeschool lol), but I haven’t been active anywhere since like midsummer 2015. College and work kinda got in the way of things.

It was actually your grandmother bringing up KP (because you were/are involved with that) that indirectly brought me to Story Embers. I had found KP a few years prior, but it had been a while since I visited, so I checked it out again, found that it had more or less hiatused, saw the ads for SE, and now here I am.

Right after I registered for the forums here, I met @daeus-lamb in person like two weeks ago at something called the Ohio Scriptorium (took place up near Akron; that was another whoaaaa small world moment). Funny thing is, the only reason I found out why his face was so stinkin familiar was because he had a Story Embers shirt on… and I realized I had seen his face in the bios. XD

So anyway, to answer your question, it’s been a long time, but I’m excited to get back on a forum and soak in the Christian writer atmosphere; and run into more INPFs along the way, haha!

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