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Martin Detwiler

@daeus-lamb @Neutrobolt yes, there’s a ‘heaven’ for elves and for men, though Tolkien was needlessly cryptic about it. You have to really dig deep into his more obscure Middle Earth works to find it. And I was always rather miffed that there wasn’t one for the dwarves— their souls either turn back to stone or go and sit and wait forever in cold halls with their ancestors until the world ends and the Valar who created them (against Iluvatar’s wishes) manages to convince Iluvatar that the dwarves deserve to be counted with men and elves as well. *wrinkles nose* It was vague and more than a bit theologically sketchy.

Sorry, @kate ! I took so long to write my thing that I didn’t see your new posts! I ended up saying basically the same thing as you did here (barring that bit about the dwarves, which I completely forgot about). O.o It’s cool to find a fellow Tolkien nerd, though. 😛

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