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Yeah, taking a break is good but I mostly find myself in writing mode XD

Character lie is where a character (mostly your main) believes something that negatively affects his/her life and the people around him/her. It is connected to theme, message and character want and need. I’ll put some posts at the bottom if you haven’t seen these websites before check them out if you want 🙂

Yep 😛

Oh, sorry XD I meant we email (or something) each other. I don’t think anything is private here only the guilds but not only are we in different ones but also they’re only private to outsiders XD

(^ They have more posts about character lie just put “lie” in the search bar :))

Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt. 2: The Lie Your Character Believes

(^ I couldn’t find where it was just lie (mostly want and need and also it’s a Tumblr account) but I love the posts so have a freebie :D)

^This is where all the posts are in case you can’t find it. I hope these help 🙂

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