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since in most cases the authours haven’t renewed copyright.

I laughed.

Many of these I have not read, and now as such are on my list. I actually own one of Christine de Pisan’s works – The Book of Deeds, of Arms, and of Chivalry, which I originally picked up as reading to inspire and guide the creation of my beloved/terrifying Countess Kyreleis, her tactical and strategic mind fused with both the Prince’s pragmatism and an understanding of the value of chivalry.

And speaking of The Prince, that was actually one of my favorite books which I was assigned in college. Machiavelli was  quite the straight forward writer (as was his translator!), and where others found him a terrible cynic, I perceived him as ultimately looking out for the welfare of his people, highlighting the great difficulty of being a successful political leader while at once obeying your conscience – and his following Discourses which brought his republican, anti-tyrannical leanings to the stage with fury made it much more difficult to see The Prince as the writings of a despot-wannabe.

Relating to translations of poetry never sounding like the original – I have experienced this firsthand, though in Russian and not in older variants of English. English translations of Russian poetry just utterly fails to capture the emotive power of the original structures. Пророк, or Prophet, by Pushkin (repeatedly voted as the greatest Russian who ever lived by Russians), is an experience – it is something to be heard and comprehended in its original language. There are good translations available, but just hearing it spoken is incredible. I can give you links to the translated version and to the Russian reading of it which I used to memorize it for my oral.

I do find myself surprised that you’re not British. Perhaps I have been reading too much Chesterton (as if there can be such a thing!) Nevertheless, you compose yourself well, regardless of nationality!

Non nobis Domine, sed nomini, Tuo da gloriam.

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