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I wrote this out and then it disappeared from my page, so I don’t know if it went through, but I’ll submit it again just in case.

Okay…I’m going to talk about something that will be recorded on the internet forever and always, but here we go.

How do you keep your faith?

I know, I know. I’ve been a Believer for 15 years, and through my short life I have seen things and experienced so much evidence that I know for sure that God is real and He loves me and everything. I survived multiple battles against demons, and I’ve seen Jesus’ face right in front of me, and I have seen countless miracles. I know my spiritual gifts, and I long to use them for God’s glory.

But…for some reason, and only recently, I feel like I’ve been struggling enormously with my faith. I don’t know why, or what’s causing it, or how to fix it. My faith was so strong just a couple weeks ago, and all of a sudden it feels flimsier than a cardboard box in a rainstorm.

What you just said made me wonder: how do others keep their faith? How do they trust God even in the bad times? How do they grow in their relationship with Him? How do they not cave in at the first sign of a storm?

Sorry, I know you probably don’t have all the answers. This problem literally just came upon me a week ago, too, and suddenly I feel so weak. I guess I just needed to talk about it and ask for your thoughts. I’ll go ahead and tag everyone else in on this too, for a group discussion. Anybody know how to help me?


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