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Selah CJW

@cassie-hartfinh, I have not read the book you mentioned, but yes, people really can die from breathing in toxic mold. To begin with it causes a whole horde of health problems- not very much fun, to say the least! Appreciate your concern… most people are rather doubtful of it being able to cause all the problems we wound up with, and are still fighting 8 years later. 🙂 I will say there is one entirely positive thing about it, though, and that is that when anything, including black mold, gets throw at you, the Lord has a plan for all of it that is far better than you could ever imagine! I dont think I really believed that  as I have learned to now... the Lords ways are definitely NOT our ways, but I totally know with all my heart now that they are FAR better, even when everything seems literally entirely hopeless. God is SO GOOD!!!

Anyway… we have found things that are keeping us going, and this whole issue is the reason we are moving, as well. I`m not sure if that makes sense, or if I even answered your questions, so tell me if that was totally confusing! 🙂 That all being said however, I still want to read that certainly-awesome WIP of yours!!!

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