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    @karthmin Oh my gosh! Another Emberian adult…With a full beard, no less! You’re not a dwarf, are you?

    I’m Samuel, or if we’re using fake names, Daniel Barryman…Don’t ask why. I also have a friend, Mr. Owl: /OvO\ -‘hoot hoot, nice to meet yoouu’

    I am a cellist, pianist, an ‘eh’ guitarist, an ‘eh’ photographer, a very ‘eh’ graphic designer, and a writer since 8 years old…Though not so much lately as I’ve been learning web development (GAAAAAHH). It’s also common knowledge that I turn into an ice dragon sometimes…

    As for writing short stories, CONGRATS. I can NOT write a short story to save my life…Granted I’ve only tried like three times, but novels and short stories are whole different beasts.

    Soli Deo Gloria, brother!



    No one reads these anyway

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