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The Inkspiller

@Evelyn, thank you for the encouragement. I wish I had more to say at the moment but my brain’s jumping between two entirely different modes of thinking.
As for the flute – I actually don’t play the flute, I was just using the analogy. I played the cello and piano in middle school, but I was never very disciplined in my practice, and my writing felt more important to devote the long hours of practice to – though I hear that there are great mental and artistic benefits to learning instruments.

Books, books, books – I used to read Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, I still intend to finish my Chesterton anthology, I read Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and I forgot what #4 is called because around the time it came out I was ‘too busy’ to read books. The habit’s in disuse at the moment, but I’m trying to make time for it once I quit my job – and then go to study like mad for my TEAS exam in August. Once nursing school starts in Spring, it’ll be game over for my free time. Unless my writing can bring in income by then, it’s going to have to take a backseat to school and whatever part-time work I can scrounge up so I can propose to and marry my girlfriend.

Also I love Steinbeck, as well as his version of the Knights of the Round Table, Mark Twain (Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court!), and a newfound respect for Shakespeare, particularly Macbeth (which was the instigating spark for Rest for the Wicked).

My grammar is atrocious.

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