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Hi @the-inkspiller! Welcome to Story Embers! (I love your profile name by the way. 🙂 )

I’m Evelyn and some of my story turn out pretty dark too. I try to use it though to contrast great light. Like @northerner mentioned stories don’t have to have explicitly the Christian gospel tacked on at the end but through darkness and how the characters deal with it, light can be shown. Isn’t that in fact the way that as Christians we are commanded to act? (Off the top of my head, makes me think of Matthew 5: 14-16 as well as 1 Timothy 4:12.) It also makes me think of every writer’s advice: Show don’t tell. Through the darkness, show the light.

I know analogies like of light and dark and good and evil are cliched but I still really light physical examples of what can go on spiritually in people’s lives. My current story is even about that.

On a lighter note… what kind of books do you like to read? And how long have you been playing the flute? (I play the piano. 🙂 )

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