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The Inkspiller

Thanks for the response everyone (and the hugs!)

, thanks for the recommendations and the lengthy post of helpfulness. I downloaded that Tolkien essay and I’m busy going through it while trying to keep up with my writing until I finally leave my job this Friday. I think I should have to look into more of C.S. Lewis’ work to inspire my own so that I’m not stuck in the same ruts for ever and ever.

Regarding your finishing paragraph, covering the goodness of motives and action and playing with the ‘end justifies the means’ – I think I have new ideas for Kyreleis. I might end up having to tell a very different story from the one I began with, but I think telling the story of her change of heart would be more impactful than telling it solely via introspection.

Hankins I’ll be glad to read and review. You’ll have to give me until the start of next week to start, but shoot me the story via email ( or via the forums here, and I’ll get on it.

Non nobis Domine, sed nomini, Tuo da gloriam.

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