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Ariella Newheart

@andrew Nice topic! I love making characters. 😀

I recently made up a character called Zillah Nighthawk, based a little on Maraly Weaver from the Wingfeather Saga. Zillah’s dad is the chief of the Bandits in Clan Falcon. I don’t know what I’ll call the world her story takes place in, but she lives in a Bandit city in a swampland. One night of the year, the moon turns orange (they call it a fire moon). Legend says it will grant the petition of one person on that night. What Zillah petitions the moon for is freedom, but the moon doesn’t answer.

Why freedom? Well, in this world promises can never be broken. If you make a promise you are eternally bound to see it through unless the one whom you made the promise to releases you or dies. Zillah lives under the constant threat that her loyalty will be called into question and she will be eternally bound, something which she could never bear. That is why she wants to be free.

I came up with her character and the idea of eternal binding one night while wondering what would happen if promises could never be broken. They certainly wouldn’t be made lightly, that’s for sure…

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