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Brie Donning

I prefer looking at the MBTI from the standpoint of cognitive functions. Which a a little confusing, but I can give a hopefully simple explanation. Not perfectly accurate,

I’m an ENFP.

Which means I have Externally directed iNtution, and intwardly directed Feeling. And outwardly directed thinking after that, ending with internally directed sensing which I don’t have much of. The orientation alternates.

This means I’m always multiplying  idea, and pulling abstract things from the outside world. But I can be a bit closed up on my feelings, and need to be alone occasionally to process them.

The INFJs start off with Inward iNtution, then external Feeling. (followed by inward thinking and external sensing.) They’re sensitive to the emotions of those around them, and can be very insightful. I don’t really understand them.

The ENFJs are fairly similar, bu they have there externally directed Feeling first, then the inward intuition. (then senseing, then thinking) This makes them good at understanding other people.

INTJs: Inward iNtuition, external Thinking. (makes them good and effective future plans)

INTPs: Internal thinking, external Intuition. (Makes them good and seeing all the possibilities of how things could work.

Js start with External thinking or feeling, and Internal intuition or sensing. (Tend to organize the outside world)

P’s start with External intuition or sensing and Internal thinking or feeling. (Tend to organize the inside world, but let everything around them turn into a mess)

ENFP - Introspective extrovert

Exploring reality, yearning for adventure.

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