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Andrew Schmidt

    @nuetrobolt, thanks. 🙂

    Sometimes if you can’t come up with a name, keep sounding out all those weird yet interesting made-up words in your head until you come across one that is cool and you think fits your character. Some of those last names I made up…

    But anyway, if you want some name ideas, I can give some to you. (I hope that doesn’t sound like boasting or anything).

    Branshaw McLeon, Jackson Einmoor, Dusttrell Roberts, Alberto Rains, Mal Tigerstone, and Grimweed Loopercock.

    Okay, some of those may sound a little weird, but I’m just throwing them out there. Not like I’m going to use them. (I’m not trying to show off or anything related to that, if that thought ever entered  your mind).

    But anyway, have a nice time!

    "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

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