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Andrew Schmidt

    @nuetrobolt, your villain sounds very interesting. Its not ordinary that villains are nice like that. The protagonist, you said, was all amazing and great, right? There’s nothing bad with that, but try to give him a few weaknesses if you haven’t  to make him seem more realistic. 🙂 And the people you said all around him are frail and foolish, there’s nothing wrong with that either. But you could maybe (if you didn’t already) have a variety of many different people of how they act and do things. Some people might be all foolish and frail, some might be grumpy all the time, some might be all bubbly and happy, and some people might just be downright crazy.

    I hoped that helped.

    , I have made up many different characters recently, all of them in this story of mine which I call Opal of the Oak. But some of the ones I have really been thinking about were Peirce, Velraider, and Chesna. Peirce living in the wild with this special ‘opal-power,’ often talks to her cardinals. She’s generally nice unless its someone she doesn’t like, strong and smart of the ways of the wild, but somewhat clueless about how humans actually act, even though she had made trips to town before to get news items, getting a new dress when possible. She collects stuff and puts it in her stick-made basket, which she uses to trade, also.

    Velraider is extremely strict about everything, and if he even spots a scratch (and that scratch is on something he treasures) the person who did it is likely to be executed. He owns a huge mansion, hiring all the perfect people. He is all about perfection, which you may be guessing…

    But onto the next character, Chesna, she is somewhat shy. She is often found painting or even singing alone. She consumes the walls in paintings, in fact. Once she even secretly painted a picture of a man (though who knows how she would react if that man saw it). She would probably hide or something.

    But that’s just those characters, I have some other characters which I was just recently planning for the story, too. 🙂

    , thanks. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

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