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Daeus Lamb

@carolyn-matthews I don’t think the amount of truth you have in a story influences whether it is preachy or not, just the tone and approach you use in presenting it. I think using scripture in your story is fine, particularly if your audience will be Christians.

The main thing is to avoid making it sound like you’re putting those bible verses in there with the goal of convincing your readers of a certain message. Readers don’t want to hear your opinions really, but they are interested in your characters. I’d say, try to focus on the personal importance of these verses to your character. Also, a bit of struggle on her part could make things more real for your reader. For instance, maybe she understands what the verses mean but has trouble accepting them. Or maybe she flippantly accepts them but then realizes there are many areas in her life where she isn’t acting according to how the verses teach. There are a number of ways to show a character struggling.

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