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@andrew, the main character of my current novel is this guy who loves talking/thinking about his favorite books (just like me), which is an extremely dumb series where the main character is super amazing and everyone else is frail and foolish.

Does this sound dumb? This series that my MC loves doesn’t really affect the story that much, though it does affect my MC quite a bit. I thought it might be funny (if I do it well), but, I would love thoughts on this.

I also have a character who is always trying to teach people a lesson, and from everything he tries to draw out a moral, which are usually rather far-fetched.

In a later book I have planned, I have imagined a villain who seems¬† super nice, yet he is the main antagonist. He’s trying to take over the world (like everyvillain), but he does it in a super nice way, and he seems like his actions are justified. He helps the main characters after they just shot him (with a gun he had given them previously), and basically, he seems way nicer than the heroes. I want the reader’s heart to be broken when this kind villain dies.

Sounds interesting? My brother (who doesn’t write) thinks that sounds horrible, and says he would never read that book. (I know he actually would.)


What characters do you have?

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