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    If you wanted to play with foil characters, you could contrast her with another woman in the story by (not explicitly, of course) asking “what makes a strong female character? This girl who goes fighting, or [for example] the woman who bears half-a-dozen children of her own body and looks after them all while dealing with the effects of the Fall on her body (let’s face it, any woman who goes through pregnancy and survives is strong); or [for example] this girl who’s seen all the darkest, deadliest evil the world can throw at her and is still hopeful despite knowing how much the odds are against her?” Cos I kind of think there’s more than one way to be a truly strong woman, and foil characters might be a way to present a balanced view without being preachy about it? But you’ve already had a lot of good advice about, you know, letting her be a human first, and all that.

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