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    Personally when I draw manga I make the bodies almost realistic and the hair big. One thing I’ve noticed looking at your drawings is that either the bodies are to small (sorta like a base sketch) or perhaps the heads are to large. It’s fine to have large heads if you are going for more of a chibi look…


    but if that’s your goal your gonna want bigger more detailed eyes and almost no nose. The detail of your clothing is amazing! Though maybe more variety in hair shapes would be helpful. I put together a few of my drawing with comments and tips below.

    The mechanics of manga are relatively simple once you’ve studied them. I find myself leaning toward the 3/4 angle often with manga.

    Light spots in hair can be very helpful as it hl you know where to cast the shadows and adds depth to your drawings.

    Thickness is important in manga particularly in female subjects. Most manga or anime you see with have very thick triangular hair with large clumps not singular stands.

    Male subjects in anime and manga can be hard to draw without making them look feminine. The best way I have found to do this is by using a heavy hand around the eyes and brows also making the nose as sharp as possible helps. Broad shoulders and muscles in the neck add to the identity.

    The expression your character is making is every important play close attention to detail!

    The drawings below are pretty self-explanatory.


    Hope this was able to help and wasn’t just confusing. Let me know how it works out for you!



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