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So I’ve been interacting with the art community for awhile, and so I know I need to come to the light and share my own artwork ūüôā I haven’t done this yet because at the moment the majority of my art is inconsistent (in skill and style) because A: Not quite sure what I want my artstyle to look like(that’s unimportant), and B: I’ve mostly been doing experimental drawings and realistic drawings to help develop skill.
The cartoony art up ahead would be more along the¬†lines(haha) of what I would “normally” do:

¬†I don’t usually do fan art but I know Christi enjoys it.
The type of art I’ve been doing more recently that I mentioned earlier are mostly black-and-white because I have poor values, and I am particularly focused on drawing the human face well(and being able to make unique faces). These are all drawn with reference pic, as was Allura.^
 <Рdrew this one today this is a little older-ish d critics r for another pic next 2 it

For the future of my art I want to be mostly active in watercolor. I am not very good at it yet. Here are some pics


Sketching with no reference is like hiking without a map!

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