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@dekreel I wanted to say that, your art is really great. I know you work hard on it, and that’s perfect.
But I do have some other things worth mentioning, as you are asking for advice. I am not acquainted that well with manga or anime, so I won’t point out what looks like errors if that’s alright because it seems a lot of stuff is done because of art style, plus looks you’re covered there 😉 .

The best art advice I could give anyone interested in cartoony art is.. Draw realistically!! Sounds a but frustating, doesn’t it? Not kidding. Practice, practice, practice, and practice realistically. Realism is not better than other art, but trying this consistantly will greatly improve anyones art. Once you know how something actually is, and you can do it, then GOOD! *claps* you can do it! Then you just alter it here and there for styles sake, and you fix a lot of problems that come with loving a specific stylization of art. Like you can know how to draw a cartoony nose, but once you know how to do it realistically, you can draw a thousand noses in many styles that are all just as visually “correct”

I apologize that this is extremely rambly, I strongly think this is a worthwhile and helpful action to take but I am not that great at explaing why. If it seems like a waste of time, take it or leave it, but from personal experience I can say it is helpful.
Whatever you do for your art, KEEP DRAWING! ^o^

Sketching with no reference is like hiking without a map!

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