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The Fledgling Artist

@lillian-parks03 So just an encouragement I can really see some improvement here from the first two drawings you posted. 😀

Somethings I still notice here are that (mostly in the bangs) the hair tendrils (uh what else do you call them? Idunno ringlets?? clusters?) look very uniform and stiff, almost sharp. Almost all  natural things (not man-made) have a very beautiful spontaneous and random look to them. Imagine a cluster of wold flowers growing together. They likely don’t look very uniform. Instead they grow and twist around every which way. I’m getting a little off subject here but I hope you understand what I’m saying. :p

The right side of this drawing is an exaggeration but I hope it gets my point across. 🙂

So try to avoid stiff strands of hair like these
And instead try to have loser/flowyer/softer looking strands

And then this last thing is probably mostly a stylistic choice?? (So please ignore if you disagree) But I personally would disagree with what mariposa (No offence Mari! I love your art and words of wisdom. <3) said about adding handfuls of tiny strands. I would personally use color and value (along with a few visible strands) to imply the millions of strands.

I’m not completely sure why, I prefer this way better. It could be that it just meshes with my cartoony style better then the latter. I do think it’s just easier on the eyes for whatever reason.
Once again sorry these are very quick and doodley, I just wanted to get back to you quickly. 🙂 I think they get my points across though. (hopefully)

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