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Abbey Bishop

    @mariposa My favorite play would have to be The Treasure of Shiver River. It’s a melodrama, so it requires extreme over-exaggeration. I was actually in a production of it three years ago. I was Paige Turner and I loved books. (All the names were puns.) It was so much fun. I got to talk with a Southern nasal whine. The one line I still remember is, “This reminds me of the betrayal scene in my favorite novel: Passion, Prejudice, and Poultry! Right before Chicken Annie through herself off the Cliffs of Depression!”

    I’m actually introverted as well. I found that when I’m acting, I’m not myself. I just live in the moment and I become my character. Although, public speaking is way outside of my comfort zone. Due to my acting experiences, I’ve learned how to mask my nervousness from my intended audience, but I’m always a complete mess on the inside.

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